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Saison Artist in Residence

The Saison Foundation is a grant-making foundation established in July 1987 that supports projects and activities related to contemporary Japanese theater and dance. In order to increase the visibility of contemporary Japanese performing arts (theater, dance, and performance art) on a worldwide level, The Saison Foundation awards grants and priority use of its rehearsal/workshop and residence facilities at Morishita Studio in Tokyo.

Based on the outcome of Residence in Morishita Studio from 2011 to 2015, the Saison Foundation starts “Saison Artist in Residence” to stimulate two-way international cultural exchanges with artists and arts organizations overseas.

minus Visiting Fellows 2016: Artists

Luis Garay Bacca

Performing Artist, Choreographer and Dance Maker

21 July to 14 September 2016
Research Theme:

Zombies and Buddahas: The act of falling dumb into images. Absorption, arena. States of total presence and absence at the same time that challenge our ideas about 菟resence and 澱ody
JK Anicoche

Sipat Lawin Ensemble Artistic Director

8 October to 28 October 2016
Research Theme:

Touch Play: A Research on Practice of Noguchi Seitai and the Intricacies of Intimacies in Shared Participatory Perfromance
Yana Thönnes

Director, Founder of the performance label THE AGENCY

17 March to 31 March 2017
Research Theme:

Love Fiction: Contemporary Love and sexual relationship in Japan with a focus on herbivore man
Pichet Klunchun

Choreographer and Dancer

9 March to 29 March 2017
Research Theme:

The Walk: Observation on “Walking” in Tokyo

minus Visiting Fellows 2016: Arts Managers

Katia Arfara

Artistic Director Theater and Dance of Onassis Culture Center

6 June to 4 July 2016
Research Theme:

The Home Project: Exploring precarious living conditions in Athens and Tokyo
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2016

minus Visiting Fellows 2015: Artists

minus Visiting Fellows 2015: Arts Managers

Cynthia Edul

Program Director, Panorama Sur; Playwright and Fiction Writer

July to August 2015
Research Theme:

Network, connections, and collaboration projects Japan-Latin America
Martine Dennewald

Artistic Director, Festival Theaterformen

October to November 2015
Research Theme:

Curating Japanese theater in Europe – issues of cultural transfer and translation
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2015

minus Visiting Fellows 2014: Artists

minus Visiting Fellows 2014: Arts Managers

minus Visiting Fellows 2013: Artists

minus Visiting Fellows 2013: Arts Managers

Zvonimir Dobrovic

Perforacije (Perforations Festival), Artistic Director

25 November 2013 to 22 December 2013
Research Theme:
Experiments in Japanese contemporary theater and dance
Anna Lewanowicz

Krakow Theatrical Reminiscenses, Festival Director

3 February 2014 to 8 March 2014
Research Theme:
Contemporary performing arts as a reflection on contemporary society
Helly Minarti

Jakarta Arts Council, Head of Program

8 February 2014 to 9 March 2014
Research Theme:
The Latest Scene of Contemporary Performing Arts in Japan
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2013

minus Visiting Fellows 2012

Khadija El Bennaoi

Morocco / Belgium Art Moves Africa Coordinator

25 August, 2012 to 24 September, 2012
Research Theme:
Exploring paths of connections, in the performing arts sector, between Japan and Arab World
Hoo Kuan Cien

Singapore Arts Manager

25 October, 2012 to 25 November, 2012
Research Theme:
Japan Singapore exchange: New Generations, New Encounters

Dagmar Walser

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen/Zu"rcher Theater Spektakel
Theater Editor and Dramaturge

13 October, 2012 to 5 December, 2012
Research Theme:
Interdisciplinarity: Research on Japanese Performing Arts Scene (after Fukushima)
Elisabetta Bisaro

Italy / Ireland Dance Ireland Program Manager

5 February, 2013 to 7 March, 2013
Research Theme:
To explore the dance scene in Japan and research possibilities for an international dance exchange between Japan and Ireland
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2012

minus Visiting Fellows 2011

Max-Philip Aschenbrenner

Germany Artistic Director/Dramaturg

4 July, 2011 to 19 July, 2011
Research Theme:
Labelling -- how we do describe international arts
Koh Jooyoung

Korea Administrator

15 October, 2011 to 18 December, 2011
Research Theme:
"Ten-nen (10's) generations" in performing arts of Japan
Cosmin Manolescu

Romania Executive Director

16 March, 2012 to 29 April, 2012
Research Theme:
Moving. East.- an international exchange project for dance between Romania and Japan
Trajal Harrell

United States
Choreographer  Editor-in-Chief of the Movement Research Performance Journal / Dance Curator

3 May, 2012 to 21 May, 2012
8 August, 2012 to 20 August, 2012
Research Theme:
Joint research with artists in Japan
Fictional Mapping: From Butoh to COMME des GARÇONS
supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, in Fiscal Year 2011 and 2012

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