Application Information

Evaluation, Selection and Notification 2023

[International Projects Support Program]

Each application will be assessed regarding the Foundation’s following criteria:

  • Uniqueness of the applicant’s activities and of the proposed project.
  • The perspective and potentiality of the applicant.
  • The timing of giving the award to the applicant and to the project.
  • The project’s impact on the arts and on the international community.
  • Feasibility of the project in terms of schedule and budget.
    The selections of grant and award recipients are officially approved at the Foundation’ s Board of Directors meeting in January each year. The results for 2023 will be sent to the applicant (administrative contact person) at the beginning of February 2023.

The Saison Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to the following Legal Entity Support members and for their generous contributions (as of March 2022/in alphabetical order):