Ophelia Jiadai Huang

Arts Manager
Director for International Project, Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre
Program Director, ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival
Residency: December 1–December 28, 2022

■Visiting Fellows
December 1–December 28, 2022 
Morishita Studio (Tokyo)


■Program Outline
Artists and Institutions: The Dynamics of Artistic Development
With a focus on the relationship between artists and institutions in contemporary Japanese theater, Ophelia Jiadai Huang’s research examined the ways in which theater works in Japan are created as well as international collaborations and co-productions. Deepening her knowledge of the major figures in the contemporary theater scene in Japan, she spoke with artists and performing arts professionals about making connections and the potential for future international exchange.


A Dynamic Triangle: Artists, Institutions, Audiences—Case Study of China
Date: December 8, 2022 / 3:00–3:45 p.m.
Venue: The Cantonese Club (Yokohama)
Summary: “One of the most important things in performing arts ecosystems is the relationship between individual artists and institutions. Institutional platforms like theaters and festivals are not solely contact points between artists and audiences. They are also able to mediate the ways in which works are made and received by audiences. These past three or four years, however, and especially since the pandemic, many Chinese artists have become increasingly aware of their own agency in connecting with audiences outside conventional institutional frameworks for productions. In this talk, I share my observations of this phenomenon in China with the aim of envisioning a new form of interdependence among artists, institutions, and audiences.” (Ophelia Jiadai Huang)


In addition to her roles as director of international projects at Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre and as program director at ACT Shanghai International Theatre Festival, Ophelia Jiadai Huang is a dramaturge, researcher, and performance artist. She is actively involved with performing arts networks, such as Asia Networks for Dance and iPANDA. Productions that she worked on have been staged at theaters, art museums, and festivals like Asia TOPA in Australia, Taipei Arts Festival in Taiwan, and Forest Fringe in the United Kingdom.


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