for Fiscal Year 2023

  • Amendment request form
  • Download WORD
  • Any alterations in regard to the project subject to the grant are to be reported immediately to the Foundation.
  • Interim Report Form
  • Download WORD
  • Grantees whose projects are scheduled to conclude after October 2023 must submit this form.
  • Project Data & Conclusion Report Form
  • Download WORD
  • Grant recipients must submit this form within two months of completion of the project.
  • – Financial Report Form (Balance Sheet)
  • Download WORD
  • Grant Recipients must submit Financial Report along with the Conclusion Report.
  • – Voucher Photocopy Attachment Sheet
  • Download WORD
  • Grant Recipients must submit a file of receipts along with the Conclusion Report.

LOGO (foundation/ Morishita Studio) , Studio map

These logo and map are only used by the saison foundation’s grantee.
If you want to use these data, you must get the prior approval of our foundation.


Morishita Studio’s logo and Map

The Saison Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to the following Legal Entity Support members and for their generous contributions (as of March 2023/in alphabetical order):