Seiji Tsutsumi Chronology

Chronology of Seiji Tsutsumi/Takashi Tsujii

1927 Born in Mitaka, Tokyo on March 30
1951 Appointed as President of Kunitachi Gakuen School
1954 Enters Seibu Department Stores, Ltd. (SDS)
1955 Publishes his first anthology of poems titled Futashkana Asa (An Uncertain
Morning) under the pen name Takashi Tsujii
1961 Organizes an art exhibition of Paul Klee’s works at SDS’s Ikebukuro store
1962 Takanawa Art Museum opens in Tokyo
1971 Tsutsumi is awarded the Chevalier de l’Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur from
the French Republic
1973 Parco shopping center and Seibu Theater (later renamed as Parco
Theater) opens in Shibuya, Tokyo
1975 The Seibu Museum of Art, Libro bookstore, and Art Vivant (a store that
specializing in art books and records) opens at SDS’s Ikebukuro store
1978 Tsutsumi becomes a trustee of the International Council of The Museum of
Modern Art of New York
1979 Ikebukuro Community College (culture school) and a multi-use space
Studio 200 opens at SDS’s Ikebukuro store
1981 Takanawa Art Museum is transferred to Karuizawa in Nagano prefecture
and becomes a museum of modern art
Establishment of the convenience store chain Family Mart
1983 Seiyu opens the first Muji store in Aoyama, Tokyo (now operated by Ryohin
Keikaku Co., Ltd.)
Seibu Credit Co., Ltd. (now known as Credit Saison Co., Ltd.) launches its Saison Card full-scale
Roppongi WAVE, a building housing a store selling records, CDs, and videos and a cinema called Cine Vivant, opens in Roppongi, Tokyo
The Saison Group donates two million U.S. dollars to the Asian Cultural Council (ACC) of New York
1984 SDS’s Yurakucho Seibu, which houses Yurakucho Art Forum, opens in Tokyo
Seibu Art Forum opens in SDS’s Ikebukuro store
1985 Seibu Retailing Group is renamed as the Seibu Saison Group
1986 Takanawa Art Museum (now known as Sezon Museum of Modern Art) is
registered as a foundation
SEED Hall opens in SDS’s Shibuya store in Tokyo

At his home library

1987 Seiji Tsutsumi establishes The Saison Foundation with his personal funds and becomes its president
Tsutsumi is awarded the Officier de l’Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur from the French Republic
1988 Yatsugatake Music Hall opens in Nagano prefecture
1989 Sezon Art Museum opens in Ikebukuro Tsutsumi is awarded the Commander’s Cross 1st Class for Service to the Republic of Austria
1990 Seibu Saison Group is renamed as the Saison Group
1991 Tsutsumi announces his retirement as
Representative of the Saison Group
Takanawa Art Museum is renamed as Sezon Museum of Modern Art
1993 Tsutsumi becomes Honorable Doctor of Moscow State University
1994 The Saison Foundation opens Morishita Studio, a building with rehearsal
facilities for theater and dance, in Tokyo
1998 Tsutsumi receives a doctorate in economics from Chuo University for his
1996 thesis Blueprint for Change – Beyond the Distribution Theory
2003 The Saison Foundation receives the 2003 Mecenat Award for Leading the
Theatrical Arts from the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts
2007 Takashi Tsujii is inducted into the Japan Art Academy
2009 The Saison Foundation receives the Donald Keene Prize for the Promotion
of Japanese Culture
2012 Serves as meshiudo, the person who composes a poem by special order of
His Majesty the Emperor of Japan, at the Imperial New Year’s Poetry Reading
Tsutsumi receives the Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Award from the Asian Cultural Council (ACC)
Tsujii is selected as Person of Cultural Merit by the Japanese government
2013 Dies in Tokyo on November 25

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