Marie Brassard

Writer, Director and Actress
photo: Minelly Kamemura

13 April to 27 April 2020 (*cancellation for personal reasons)
Research Theme: Violence

■Visiting Fellows Online
September 22 (Tue) – November 15 (Sun), 2020 
Online / Morishita Studio (Tokyo)


■Program Outline
As part of the Saison Artist-in-Residence Visiting Fellows program, Saison supports the creation of Violence, a new work by Marie Brassard, a writer, director and actress based in Canada.
She was scheduled to come to Japan in April 2020, but was cancelled due to the new Corona. As an alternative, a residency was organized to connect the rehearsal spaces of Montreal and Morishita Studio online. From the Japanese side, Miwa Okuno as a choreographer, Kyoko Takenaka as an actor, and Yokna Hasegawa as a dramaturg participated.


■Public Program
Outline of the event
Artist Talk
Date: Sunday, November 15, 2020 20:00-21:30
Online / Morishita Studio (Tokyo)

Contents of the public program
During their artist talk, the artists presented both their process of developing the virtual project and the vision for their new work, Violence. The artists take up the concept of “introduction to violence,” which considers the imagination through the nonchalant words of children and addresses the insidious violence that often approaches us invisibly.


■Participating artists’ profiles
Marie Brassard [Canada]
Writer, director, actor.
Marie Brassard is a Canadian writer, director, and actor who presented her debut play, Jimmy, in 2001 at the Festival de Théâtre des Amériques l, now the Festival TransAmériques The success of that work led to the creation of her own production company, Infrarouge, and a full-scale solo career. She has collaborated with artists from a variety of genres to create fantastic stage productions that feature innovative visuals, lighting, and sound, as well as skilled acting.


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