Performing Arts AiR Meeting

The Performing Arts AiR Meeting aims to promote the artist-in-residence programs in performing arts in Japan. In February 2019, the foundation co-sponsored and held a lecture and symposium at TPAM 2019 (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama) for information sharing and networking of the artist-in-residence programs in performing arts In fiscal 2020,, a meeting was held at Nagano Prefecture’s small theater, Sai no Kaku in December 2019, to deepen understanding of the artist-in-residence production and management, and support of the resident artists. In February 2020, in collaboration with the International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, at TPAM 2020 (International Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama), a roundtable was held to discuss why AiR is so indispensable “now,” introducing examples of the artist-in-residence programs which artists or producers have “personally” started.


■Performing Arts AiR Meeting in TPAM 2020
Date:9 February, Sun, 2020
Time:13:00 – 15:00
Venue: Kosha33(Kanagawa Prefectural Housing Supply Corporation)
Brief Description:
A meeting to deliberate new possibility and function of Artist In Residence (AiR) program in performing arts.We brought a theme to the performing arts AiR meeting 2020 to discuss why AiR is so indispensable “now,” and convene a roundtable introducing examples of AiR program which artists or producers have “personally” started. Inviting the artists who have multiple experiences of residency and the producers who deploy AiR program in Asia, we debated possible process of production creation in performing arts, as well as organic relationship with local/international communities, roles and possibilities required for AiR, together with the audience.

Hirofumi Arai: Chief Director for Theater & Arts Ueda.
Ichihara Satoko: Playwright, Director, Novelist, Found of theater company Q
Ma Yanling: Company Manager, Centre 42
Park Jisun: Creative Producer
Tan E-Jan: Founder and Creative Producer, Toccata Studio / CEO, INXO Arts and Culture Foundation


■Performing Arts AiR Meeting in Ueda Theatre Festiva
Date:6 and 7 December, 2020
Time:SAI NO TSUNO (2-11-2 Chuo, Ueda-shi, Nagano) and other surrounding venues
・Brief Description:
In order to expand the AIR of performing arts in Japan, we visited SAI NO TSUNO and inspected the residency creation “to be or not to be” as part of the Ueda Theater Festival 2019, held a meeting to deepen understanding of the creation, management and support for residency artists in the AIR. Managers and artists of small theaters and public theater and government officials who are interested in AIR and creation residency participated. Participants enjoyed the residency creation “to be or not to be”, also looked around the theater, rehearsal room, and accommodations at SAI NO TSUNO. In addition to that, discussions and dialogues were held with the resident artists and the participants.


■Performing Arts AiR Meeting in TPAM 2019
Date:2 October, Sun, 2020
Time:10:00 – 12:00 (Lecture) / 13:00 – 16:00 (Symposium)
Brief Description:
In the lecture we have invited representatives of organisations that run AIR programs in Japan to discuss why they established an AIR program, how they support artists during their stay, and what events and roles organisers can provide during an artist’s stay. We will share basic know-how and introduce the latest AIR initiatives.
In the symposium we featured artists, and representatives from various theatre and AIR organisations, who will share a variety of examples of domestic and foreign AIR programs. The proceeding discussion between these speakers and audience members will explore the significance of, issues facing, and perspectives surrounding AIR in the performing arts.

Angela Conquet: Artistic Director of Dancehouse (Australia)
Ritsuko Mizuno: Program Director, Founder / NPO Japan Contemporary Dance Network
Takuya Murakawa :Theater Director
Masayoshi Yahagi: Chief Producer / Toyohashi Arts Theatre PLAT
Yokobori Fumi: Program Director / NPO Dance Box
Catherine Lee: Director / Taipei Artist Village|Treasure Hill Artist Village


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