Saison Artist in Residence

The Saison Foundation is a grant-making foundation established in July 1987 that supports projects and activities related to contemporary Japanese theater and dance. In order to increase the visibility of contemporary Japanese performing arts (theater, dance, and performance art) on a worldwide level, The Saison Foundation awards grants and priority use of its rehearsal/workshop and residence facilities at Morishita Studio in Tokyo.

Based on the outcome of Residence in Morishita Studio from 2011 to 2015, the Saison Foundation starts “Saison Artist in Residence” to stimulate two-way international cultural exchanges with artists and arts organizations overseas.
Saison Artist in Residence offers the following two types of support:

Saison AIR Partnership

This program aims to develop exchange residency programs with international partners, such as theaters, dance houses, festivals, artist-in-residence organizations, theater companies, dance companies, and grant-making organizations. The international partners are expected to invite Japanese artists to their residency program and to send artists to The Saison Foundation’s residency program. Those who wish to start collaboration projects between an overseas artist and a Japanese artist through artist-in-residence programs are also eligible to apply.

Visiting Fellows

This program aims to build up an international network for contemporary performing arts and to enhance mutual understanding and gives opportunities for artists and arts managers to research the contemporary performing arts scene in Japan. The program supports research visits to Japan for those who are expected to play an important role in the international performing arts scene.


The Saison Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to the following Legal Entity Support members and for their generous contributions (as of March 2023/in alphabetical order):