studio /
guest room
floor width depth height floor space
Studio A 1 13.5m 8.1m 3.9m 109.35 sqm
Studio B 2 13.5m 8.1m 3.9m 109.35 sqm
Studio C 1&2 17.4m 13.8m 6.6m 238.56 sqm
Studio S 1 11.3m 6.9m 4.2m 77.97 sqm
*With white walls
Guest room
Twin (1 rm)
2 Up to three persons
Guest room
Single (2 rms)
2 Up to one person each


Within studios lauan plywood floors, mirrors, and ballet barres. White walls in Studio S.
Guest roomss Fully furnished. May accommodate 1 or 3 persons depending on the size of the room. Each room has a modular bathroom, kitchenette, private telephone, and wired/wireless Internet access. There are no towels or toiletries.


Each rehearsal studio is equipped with locker rooms and staff rooms.
Common-use facilities copy and fax machine (usage fee required), wired/wireless Internet access, kitchenettes, shower rooms.
NOTE Reservations are required for using kitchenette in the lounge of the annex, and also for the conference room in the main building as well as for parking lots.

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(Main building)
studio A studio B
studio C Conference
Annex Studio S Lounge

There is no charge for using the following equipment, except for stage lighting equipment, linoleum stage carpets, and projectors. Equipment usage requests must submitted and approved beforehand, and studio users are required to set the equipment by themselves.

equipment and
Linoleum stage carpets, folding chairs and tables, whiteboards, garment racks, stepladders, extension cables, stage riser boxes, stage platforms (mainly for Studio C), refrigerators, tea utensils, etc.
The following items are available on a first-come, first-served basis: TV monitors, DVD players, projection screens, projectors (500 yen per day), piano (for use only on the ground floor of the main building), bicycles.
Sound equipment: Public-address sound systems are available in each studio, though the equipment may vary so please ask the staff for details. Wireless microphones are loaned at 200 yen per day/per mic.
Lighting equipment: Please ask our staff for details on lighting equipment rental fees.
Linoleum stage
Linoleum stage carpets can be rented at 100 yen per day for Studios A, B, and S; 200 yen per day for Studio C.
Studio users are required to lay, roll up, and (in case of damage) repair the carpets by themselves.

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The Saison Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to the following Legal Entity Support members and for their generous contributions (as of March 2023/in alphabetical order):