JK Anicoche 


Sipat Lawin Ensemble Artistic Director
Residency Period: from 8 October to 28 October 2016

■Research Outline

Research Theme Touch Play: Research on practice of Noguchi Seitai and the intricacies of intimacies in shared participatory performance
Brief Description of the Research JK Anicoche researched Noguchi Seitai to explore the possibilities of the participatory one-to-one performance which creates intimacies. During his residency, he met several practitioners engaging in Noguchi Seitai and Kinseihou Seitai and deepened his understanding of the concepts and methodologies in Seitai.


8 October 2016 Arrives in Japan
9 October 2016 to 27 October 2016 Interviews several practitioners engaging in Noguchi Seitai and Kinseihou Seitai
Interviews artists and arts managers
27 October 2016 Participatory Performance & Public Talk at Morishita Studio
28 October 2016 Departs Japan

■Public Talk

Date 27 October 2016
Time 19:00-20:30
Place Studio S, Morishita Studio
Title Touch Play

JK Anicoche presented participatory performances with a theme of service as an outcome of the research in his residency. After the performances, he explained the ideas of his past works and the process of his creation, and he gave a presentation on his images of the work with a theme of service for the future.

JK Anicoche
Born in Philippines

JK Anicoche studied Theater Arts at Philippine High School for the Arts and studied Film and Audio Visual Communication at University of Philippines Diliman. He is the artistic director of Sipat Lawin Ensemble and the festival director of Karnabal Festival, and he also works as an actor and director in theater, film and television. He is the founding members of PResNT, Acting Without Borders and Project Banig: Storytelling Everywhere Campaign.


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