Lea Moro

photo: Tina Ruisinger

Choreographer and Dancer Residency Period: from 18 February to 12 March 2019

■Research Outline

Research Theme Sketch of Togetherness
Brief Description of the Research Lea Moro aimed to create Sketch of Togetherness which is a project to explore encounters and researches several professions in Japan. During her residency, she visited hair dressers and practitioners of acupuncture and seitai to understand their professional skills and approaches. In addition, she visited temples and shrines in Kamakura and a sake factory in Sawai. She developed the relationship with some choreographers and dancers in Japan.


18 February 2019 Arrives in Japan
19 February to 11 March 2019 Visits hair dressers and practitioners of acupuncture and seitai
Visits temples and shrines in Kamakura and a sake factory in Sawai
Interviews artists and arts managers
21 February 2019 Public Talk at Morishita Studio
2 March 2019 Departs Japan

■Public Talk

Date 21 February 2019
Time 19:00-20:30
Place Morishita Studio, Studio B
Title Encounters as an artistic strategy

Lea Moro gave a presentation on the research project of Sketch of Togetherness in order to explore the encounters in terms of artistic viewpoint, as well as her major choreographic works.

Lea Moro
Choreographer and dancer based in Berlin and Zurich. She studied theatre and dance at Scuola Teatro Dimitri in Italy and at LABAN Centre London in the United Kingdom. She received a bachelor degree in Dance at Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin (HZT). Her solo piece, Le Sacre du Printemps, a ballet for a single body (2013) was presented at HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin and Sophiensaele. Her group piece, (b)reaching stillness was presented in German Dance Platform 2016 and Swiss Dance Day 2017, toured at major theatres in Europe including Arsenic and ImPulsTanz. She was nominate as one of talented choreographers in dance magazine, tanz in 2015. She was a resident artist at K3 – Centre for Choreography and a Young Associated Artists at Tanzhaus Zurich in 2017/2018.


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