Saison AIR

Digital residency: Mapped to the Closest Address

Outline of the project
In collaboration with the art collective Mapped to the Closest Address, The Saison Foundation will conduct “Turn off the house lights”, a digital residency connecting art activities in Tokyo and Berlin.
Mapped to the Closest Address is based in Berlin’s Cordillera Garden, where they will record environmental sounds and landscape images as a practice to unravel awe, faith, and conflict with nature. The work-in-progress will be held on Friday, March 4, and they will share the experience of swaying in nature like building a fire and watching the sunset with participants.
Details of the work-in-progress will be announced on the Foundation’s website later.

Artist Information
Mapped to the Closest Address
Mapped to the Closest Address is an interspecies dance collective composed of four human animals and a cat, Violeta. Through choreographic practices, the humans wish to interrogate their orientation towards modernity/coloniality, to question their understanding/entanglement/devotion/administration of/for nature and to shift their anthropocentric perspectives. Collectively, we sew practices to enter in contact with other nonhuman lifeforms. We use various devices to record our encounters and translate them into otherwise sound/landscapes. (quoted by Mapped to the Closest Address)
Participating Artists: Alex Viteri, Shuntaro Yoshida, Catalina Fernandez, Maharu Maeno, Violeta

The Saison Foundation extends its sincere gratitude to the following Legal Entity Support members and for their generous contributions (as of March 2023/in alphabetical order):