Archiving Dance

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Sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and The Saison Foundation Produced by The Saison Foundation
In cooperation with the Singapore International Festival of Arts
  Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan in the fiscal 2014
Human Resources Development Program for the Next Generation of Cultural Creators Duration: April to December 2014
Place: Morishita Studio

The Saison Foundation conducted a project entitled “Archiving Dance ” with dance-makers from April to December of 2014, to explore the possibilities and methodologies of contemporary dance archives. The report is an overview of the attempts and practices that were carried out during the program.
By following the process of how an archived work would be passed on to another dance-maker and re-created in their hands, this project explored the potentials of archives and consequently proposed new methods of dance archiving.
Dance-makers: Chie Ito, Ikuyo Kuroda, Yukio Suzuki, Tsuyoshi Shirai, Natsuko Tezuka, Mikuni Yanaihara, and Zan Yamashita Faclitators: Ong Keng Sen, Nanako Nakajima, and Daisuke Muto

Archiving Dance Report [1.42MB]

■ Introduction / Contents
■ Project Outline
■ Workshop Session
■ Seminar Session
■ Essays

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